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Le Boogie Issue #3

The guy over at Le Boogie magazine gave us the heads up on the upcoming issue #3, here’s what they had to say:-

It’s that time again, when your eyes open up just a little larger and all of your bodyboarding dreams come true. Issue three is here people.

Issue 3 of le BOOGIE lets you experience the far North West coast of America with Brad Hughes, Michael Novy and Thomas Robinson. We probe Ben Player on the pressures of being a champion. Jeff Hubbard gets a shake down from The Roast. Four men climb onboard with the legendary Chad Barba and only just survive to tell the tale and as our luck would have it the best of the best when it comes to photographic genius from our contributors all over the world.

All laid out in a new sexy design, which is sure to get your eyeballs all juicy after another thick 140 pages.

The print and digital version (iphone) will be released on the 7th April, so pre order NOW!

Now you just need to follow these simple steps,

  1. Order your copy by clicking here : www.leboogie.com/home/shop
  2. Go tell all your friends to follow steps 1 via your Facebook or other online networking sites.
  3. Sit by mailbox until issue arrives and then go to a quiet place to enjoy.