Vert Magazine is now available on iTunes!

Finally an application (App) to view your favourite issues of VERT magazine. This application allows you to purchase, download and store each issue of VERT Magazine locally on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Once downloaded, you may view your favourite magazine anytime and everywhere in the globe.

Purchasing the App automatically includes the latest issue of the magazine for free then, you will be notified of any new issues, which can be purchased from within the App, as well as your favourite back issues.

With interactive page flipping where pages follow your fingers and a zoom feature, which overcomes the inherent problem of reading magazines on mobile devices.

A unique fun sharing feature allows you to share magazines with your friends just like you would in the real world! You will have access to bookmarks, a contents page, and a great search tool, which allows you to not only search the magazine you are reading but all of your back issues too.

Now VERT can be read anywhere regardless of internet connection, essential for reading on the move on planes, trains, etc…

More info here.

Michael Novy 2009

Also downloadable via Boom! podcasts here.

Amaurey Lavernhe dominates pipeline final

Amaurey Lavernhe dominated the final rounds of the Pipeline Pro to take home his first Pipeline crown and cement his place in bodyboarding history. A combined wave score of 17.50 including a perfect 10 left competitors scrambling as Lavernhe cruised to victory. Final results as follows.

  1. Amaury Lavernhe (REU)
  2. Diego Cabrera (CNY)
  3. Jared Houston (SAF)
  4. Damian King (AUS)

Full event wrap up can be read here via the IBA website.

Dave Hubbard takes home Pipeline DK title

Dave Hubbard has once again taken home the Pipeline DK title ahead of Australia’s Kim Feast. Results as follows.

  1. Dave Hubbard (HAW)
  2. Kim Feast (AUS)
  3. Ricky Alvarez (HAW)
  4. Bud Miyamoto (HAW)

Full event wrap up can be read here via the IBA website.

The Underwater Project

Documenting life below the surface.

“I’ve always been fascinated with what happens below the surface, like what’s happening where we can’t see.” While watching the slideshow on Mark’s laptop I’m amazed at the detail of this ‘other world’ that’s portrayed with his selection.

As an accomplished documentary photographer, in the past Mark has used the ocean as an escape for some solace away from the projects he’s been documenting. Lately, while in-between projects he’s been “hanging out” below the surface trying to capture what happens while swimming on a slow summer’s day.

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