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Turbo News

Gregg Taylor from Turbo Surf sent in the following news.

NEW WEBSITE – Turbo Surf Designs have launched their new website www.turbosurfdesigns.com Here you will see the first images of the new Turbo board range including the Damian King Signature Board, the Jacob Romero Signature board and the new Turbo 5 board.

WIN A TURBO SPONSORSHIP – To celebrate the release of the new Turbo 5 board, the Turbo 5 Project has been launched. The Turbo 5 Project is the latest chapter in Turbo Surf Designs’ rich 27 years of history in the sport of bodyboarding. Turbo has assembled 4 of the hottest emerging riders from across the globe to represent the latest edition in Turbo’s iconic board range. We are offering you the opportunity to become the 5th member of this elite Team. We are looking for the hottest emerging bodyboard talent in the world to become a member of the Turbo 5 team. Log on to www.turbosurfdesigns.com for more details.

AMAZING VIDEO CLIP – Finally, there is this amazing video clip of Jacob Romero surfing in Maui in January 2010 on his new Turbo signature board.