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Respect welcomes Brenden Newton

Respect Bodyboards is proud to announce his last crew member. None other than the world class bodyboarder Brenden Newton. “I just signed Respect Bodyboards and I’m really excited about that because I really believe in the company, in what they’re doing”, declares Brenden.

So Brenden joins the select crew of nutbags from all corners of the planet like the Brazilian underground charger José Otavio; the french all rounder Eric Gamez or the Aussie underground global roamer Simon Murphy.

Read the entire press release here.

Lackey leaves Billabong

Matt Lackey dropped us the following email today informing us he is parting ways with long term sponsor Billabong.

“As of today I am no longer riding for Billabong.

After representing the label for 7 years an offer was on the table for 2010 however I have decided to walk away from my relationship with the surfing giant.

Instead I will head in a new direction. This direction is with a new bodyboarding wetsuit label, and this decision will allow me to ride for a company with an artistic and creative vision with a high quality product that I believe will become a benchmark in the industry.

An official announcement on this label will be made in weeks to come.


Chad Jackson joins OTIS Eyewear team

Australian based company OTIS Eyewear are pleased to announce the addition of Chad Jackson to it’s global surf team. Otis Eyewear manufacture premium quality eyewear exclusively with mineral glass lenses.

Shaun Wright, OTIS Team/Marketing Manager said “It’s really cool to have Chad join our team. He is well respected in his field for his fearless approach and his style both in and out of the ocean suits OTIS 100%. We are stoked he will be travelling the globe in our shades”

Check out Chad and more OTIS news on the Blog http://otiseyewear.com/blog/ and follow OTIS on Twitter http://twitter.com/otiseyewear

HB Team announcement 2010

After 22 years, HB bodyboards has based its world-class bodyboards on the following key elements:

Use the latest materials and techniques in board construction.
Apply experience and knowledge gained through years of extensive global testing.
Utilize team influences in design and style.

In 2010, our team represents all aspects and fascists of our sport. They have put our boards, leashes and fins through their paces in a range of locations across the globe. Forget what you thought you knew….Welcome to the 2010 team.

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Turbo News

Gregg Taylor from Turbo Surf sent in the following news.

NEW WEBSITE – Turbo Surf Designs have launched their new website www.turbosurfdesigns.com Here you will see the first images of the new Turbo board range including the Damian King Signature Board, the Jacob Romero Signature board and the new Turbo 5 board.

WIN A TURBO SPONSORSHIP – To celebrate the release of the new Turbo 5 board, the Turbo 5 Project has been launched. The Turbo 5 Project is the latest chapter in Turbo Surf Designs’ rich 27 years of history in the sport of bodyboarding. Turbo has assembled 4 of the hottest emerging riders from across the globe to represent the latest edition in Turbo’s iconic board range. We are offering you the opportunity to become the 5th member of this elite Team. We are looking for the hottest emerging bodyboard talent in the world to become a member of the Turbo 5 team. Log on to www.turbosurfdesigns.com for more details.

AMAZING VIDEO CLIP – Finally, there is this amazing video clip of Jacob Romero surfing in Maui in January 2010 on his new Turbo signature board.

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